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Information about places to visit in Bhuj

Bhuj, also known as a desert town, is a stunning tourist destination with amazing crafted works and enormous royal palaces of extraordinary beauty. It lies in the lowland between Rann (bog), and the Gulf of Kachchh, (Kutch). Bhuj is the home to many historical sites and monuments, such as the 2000-year-old Kshatrapa engravings at Kutch’s historical center, the passages of mirrors at the Aina Mahal which are the ringer pinnacle for Prag Mahal, models in the Ramakund Step well and the shocking Hamirsar Lake.

How to get to Bhuj

Bhuj has excellent rail, road, and air connections

By road

Bhuj has good road connections to other Gujarat cities like Ahmedabad, Baroda and Baroda. Regular buses and taxis can be taken from Bhuj to these destinations. These cities are easy to reach. There are several bus stops in Bhuj. The closest ones are at Lal Tekri and Ghanshyam Nagar, while Sanskar Nagar is the closest. These bus stops can be found within 2km of the city centre.

By Air

Rudra Mata Airport serves as the city’s airport. It is located just 5km from the city and has a connection with Mumbai.

By Train

Bhuj can be connected to Mumbai via regular Indian Railway trains, just like air travel. You can reach the Bhuj Railway Station in just 4 km. It is accessible by taxi within 15 minutes.

Bhuj: Places to Visit

1. Kutch White Rann

Rann of Kutch is a unique spot in Gujarat and is considered to be one of the most important salt deserts on the planet. The White Plains’ divine beauty can be experienced by looking at it at night. This is a fascinating holiday and excursion spot. You will get a glimpse into the life of the Kutch tribe and have the chance to learn about their traditional art forms, which include music, dance and embroidery. It is one of the most popular places in Bhuj.

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2. Kalo Dungar Kutch

Kalo Dungar, or Kala Dungar, is a slop located near Khavda in the Kutch region. This is the famous lodestone in Extraordinary Rann, Kutch. It can be visited as part of Kutch Tour. Kalo Dungar, a tourist spot in Bhuj at 1516 feet above the ocean level, offers a spectacular view of the sky and desert merging into one another.

3. Ajrakhpur

Ajrakhpur is an arts-and-craft village located in the desert city of Bhuj. It is well-known for its Ajrakh print, which is a block printed on fabric. The village is located 15 km from Bhuj and still practices Ajrakh printing by the Khatri Muslim ancestors. Block printing in Ajrakh is done manually using only natural colors.

4. Prag Mahal

Prague Mahal, located in the suburbs of Bhuj is an outstanding piece of architecture in India. It was built in the nineteenth century and is located right next to Aina Mahal, making it easy to find. This grand palace is listed among the most famous places in Bhuj. It has many Gothic-style windows and Corinthian columns around it.

5. Nirona Handicraft Village

Nirona village lies approximately 40km from Bhuj. This region is home to some of the most distinctive textile products in the world, as well as intricately crafted metal pieces. The shops are located in rustic, traditional settings where locals sell their goods at mounted rates on a monthly basis. It is one of the most popular places in Bhuj.

6. Than Monastery

Than Monastery, located at the foot of Dinodhar Hill, is dedicated to Dhoramnath. It is a monastery that has been infused with medieval customs and traditions, but its age is uncertain. It is surrounded by high walls, reminiscent of a small fortress. Bhuj sightseeing has several temples in the area. Very few people visit it.

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Sands Of Gujarat: What Makes The White Desert Of Rann Of Kutch Unique?


Rann of Kutch: The Rann of Kutch is a salt marshy area located in the Thar Desert in the Kachchh district in western Gujarat. It is located in between Gujarat located in India as well as Pakistan. Sindh province of Pakistan. It is comprised of about 30000 sq. km of land, which comprises The Great Rann of Kachchh, The Little Rann of Kachchh and Banni grassland.

It is Rann in Kutch is well-known for its white desert sand. It is also believed to be the biggest salt desert anywhere in the world.’Rann is a word that refers to deserts in Hindi which is an abbreviation of”The” Sanskrit words ‘Irina’, which also is a reference to desert. The people of Kachchh are referred to as Kachchhi and speak a dialect that is their own, with the identical name. Most of the population in the Rann of Kachchh comprises Hindus, Muslims, Jains and Sikhs.

The north in the town of Khavda, Kalo Dungar (Black Hill) is Kutch’s highest point (462 meters) and offers stunning panoramas of Kutch’s Great Rann salt flat (or the inland sea, if you’re in town in the month of monsoon). The hill is also known for the 400-year-old temple that is dedicated to the Lord Dattatreya. It is possible to walk up to the top of the hill and gaze at the expansive, sloping landscape, which changes color with the passing of time and the sun sets in the shadow of mountains.

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Legends suggest Lord Dattatreya came to rest and came across an entire group of hungry jackals. He offered his body for them to eat, and, as they ate, his body kept regenerating itself. Over the past four centuries, temple priests prepare cooked rice for the jackals who arrive in the evenings to have a meal.


The Rann of the Kachchh zone is also the home of a variety of biodiversity-rich in ecological terms including flamingos as well as wild asses which are seen in the desert regularly. Rann is also one of several sanctuaries, including The Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary, Kachchh wilderness sanctuary, and so on. It is a dream for nature photographers and wildlife enthusiasts alike.The contrast that is this White Desert is one of the most unique in India and attracts tourists in huge quantities. Apart from being a filming site for a variety of Bollywood films The White Desert of Kutch is highly scrutinized as it is located near the border between northern India and Pakistan. It is the White Desert is cited with many sanctuaries for wildlife as well as wetland and floral preservation.

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A basin for the Indus and the White Desert of Kutch evaporates between November and February, opening up to the vast salt-induced terrain. This is the whitewashed time that the renowned Rann Utsav is held on the White Desert of Kutch, that is also one of the largest salt deserts in the world. 

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Do you have plans to visit Gujarat? Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation has a low-cost alternative for you! IRCTC presents a budget-friendly flight package for a trip for travelers to Rann of Kutch, Gujarat for 6days, 7 nights and 6 nights. Rann of Kutch is a distinct region of Gujarat and is among the biggest salt deserts worldwide.

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This region has stunning landscapes and has been one of the most popular tourist destinations for those who want to travel offbeat. The air tour package comprises all major tourist sites such as Aina Mahal, Prag Mahal, Sharad Baug Palace, Kutch Museum, and Swaminarayan Temple.


Additionally, tourists will be able to visit Dhordo (Rann Utsav), Handicraft Village “Gandhi Nu Gaam,” Status of Unity, Sabarmati Ashram as well as Akshardham Temple.

The air tour package comprises flights as well as meals (6 breakfasts, 6 meals) and sightseeing in an AC Vehicle, and accommodation.

IRCTC used Twitter to let the world know about the low-cost air tour offer for Rann in Kutch. “Are you looking for a perfect family tour package to all age groups? Book #IRCTC’s RANN OF KUTCH WITH STATUE OF UNITY EX DELHI. Starting at Rs 38,750 onwards per person,” read the tweet.

Here’s everything you should be aware of about The rann of Kutch air tour package:

The duration for the Rann of Kutch tour

The low-cost flight package offered by IRCTC for Rann in Kutch, Gujarat is 6nights and 7 days long. In this tour, travelers will be able to visit all the major tourist destinations, including Aina Mahal, Prag Mahal, Sharad Baug Palace, Kutch Museum, and Swaminarayan Temple. Additionally, travelers will have the opportunity to explore Dhordo (Rann Utsav), Handicraft Village “Gandhi Nu Gaam,” Status of Unity, Sabarmati Ashram and Akshardham Temple.

The cost of the Rann of Kutch air tour package:

Rann of Kutch air tour package
Rann of Kutch air tour package

How do I arrange to Rann from Kutch flight tour

Interested passengers can reserve this unique, budget-friendly air trip package on the official website of IRCTC for additional information visit this page.

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White Desert Festival – Rann Utsav

Welcome to everybody. I greet you everyone, and the Kutch city of Bhuj greets us with its Rann Utsav as we return. Yes, you heard correctly. I urge you to buckle up for this great thriller as we set off to explore the fabled Rann Utsav. This location, known as the Tent City in Dhordo, is around 85 kilometers from Bhuj. to acknowledge that it really lives up to its moniker. Being at the Rann of Kutch is an absolute must.

It is magnificent and very mesmerizing. The area glistens and sparkles like silver. Nobody would have been able to resist its seduction and the charm of the white desert. The white desert festival offers visitors a lot of attractions. People frequently overlook Rann Utsav’s brand of entertainment. My friends, I assure you that it is an incredible feeling to be a part of such a unique and beautiful festival.

The tent house and the area around it are the main draws. It is comparable to living outdoors in tents constructed of cloth rather than cement, covered by the open sky. My excursion started by going to the adjacent locations inside the tent city. Consider how large it might need to be to hold everything. It is pure enchantment weaved into the form of a lovely city that includes areas for lodging and a market nearby where you may buy the famous items from this white desert festival to bring back with you. 

The draw is the stunning original artwork that is still being produced in that region of India, and trust me when I say that these are so wonderful that I wish I had taken more of them. Due to the fact that puppet shows have been a popular tourist attraction for a very long time and still manage to enchant and enthrall visitors, there are enormous puppets used to illustrate the local tradition.

Then a row of stores offering handcrafted things with amazing paintings and designs enters. The shops offered a wide variety of goods, including clothing, mud tools, handcrafted shoes, and real jewelry. The extremely well-known item is known as “Bandhani,” created by the locals using a die and die, and those lovely neckpieces captured my heart since sometimes simple and sweet works better than the shining metal worn every day. They typically come in many sections, such as the one worn on the belly, the one worn on the neck, the one worn on the forehead, and the lovely hanging earrings.

The market satisfied our wants and pizza cravings because Domino’s cooks fresh pizza right before your eyes, further tempting us. Next, the management made sure that we had playgrounds that offered a variety of sports, both indoor and outdoor so that we didn’t miss out on any opportunities or room for improvement. 

The management then hosted a concert for us, and Mooralala and his band dominated the stage. It was an incredible event. The event’s organizer, Kapil Verma, then spoke with us and provided us with information about the whole Tent city. He informed us that there are more than 350 tents for travelers to stay in and that the Tent city is spread around 1 lakh square km.

A market selling handcrafted items surrounds the tent city. They are inundated with Rogan art, clothing patchwork, and artisanal goods made with labor-intensive labor.

The tents, which come in 13 clusters and range in quality from premium to Delux A/C, steal the show due to their placement. It is set up like a neckpiece, and the incredible lighting creates an incredible overall effect.

You may obtain excellent and delectable dishes in the dining hall. The fantastic luxury tents were next in line, and they were amazing. It included a TV, an air conditioner, a dressing mirror, a comfortable bed with pleasant lighting, and other magnificent furnishings. It was a home that was well worth living in. The white desert festival is a must-try location given these surroundings.

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Notes: Blog By One Of The Travellers who share their experience.

Rann Utsav 2022: IRCTC Special Package For Rann Utsav Festival

IRCTC Special Package For Rann Utsav Festival

RannUstav, a one-of-a-kind festival that celebrates the mystical magic of Kutch, is one of the country’s most anticipated tourism extravaganzas. This occasion is perfect for attendees of all ages and truly honours Kutch’s astounding diversity. The event will start in November 2022 and last through the winter months until February 2023, giving visitors the chance to see the vibrant fusion of art, culture, adventure, nature, and more.

If this is your first time attending the Rann Utsav, here are a few things you should know.

What to Expect at the Grand Fiesta

– Culture: With talented artists and artisans travelling from all over to display their art and craftsmanship, this place truly becomes a melting pot of diverse cultures and people.

– Cuisine: There is plenty of food to choose from at the expansive dining halls, whether you want to try authentic Kutch cuisine or other local delicacies.

– Sightseeing: There is plenty to do and see at this fun-filled event, with charming villages, beautiful beaches, colourful bazaars, and hordes of tourists from all walks of life.

– Adventure: From an exhilarating Camel Cart ride to zip lining and star gazing, this carnival offers a plethora of adventure sports and activities.

Can’t wait to visit the beautiful state of Kutch and participate in this epic celebration?

For you and your family, IRCTC Tourism has put together the greatest Rann Utsav vacation package. So take a vacation, round up your travelling pals, and embark on a memorable journey. This tourism festival offers a wide variety of attractions, so everyone can find something. And the best part? You don’t even need to plan your vacation because we’ve taken care of everything. Our dedicated team has curated such an all-inclusive tour that you won’t have to worry about anything, from getting confirmed train tickets to providing delicious meals. Do you want to check out this popular domestic tour package? Here are all the details.

IRCTC Rann Utsav Package with Train Tickets – Tent City

Duration: 5 Days/ 4 Nights

Tour Itinerary: Mumbai – Bhuj – Tent City – Bhuj – Mumbai

IRCTC Rann Utsav Package Inclusions:

– confirmed tickets for the 3AC class of trains from Bandra to Bhuj and back.

– A/c accommodation in Deluxe Tents as per the itinerary.

– Transfers on the internal roads and sightseeing as outlined in the programme

– every excursion and sight-seeing as planned.

– Meals as mentioned in the itinerary.

– Travel insurance.

– Toll, parking and all applicable GST.

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7 Facts to make you an Extreme Traveler of Kutch

Kutch’s an exquisite place to be, and when you want to combine everything you can experience while on tour, you should be booking your tickets now for the Kutch Tour. Here are some of the blowing facts that you can experience in Kutch. Take a look at it.

1. If you are on your way to Kutch’s extreme Salt Desert, you will arrive at the world’s greatest Salt Desert here. The Marshy Salt Land of Kutch, spread over 30,000 Km2, transforms into mesmerizing beauty with the vast sea line.

2. Kutch is where you can see the remains of the Dholavira, the best-known civilization of the past, the Indus Valley Civilization. Learn about the Well-Known Revealing of Ancient Kutch.

3. Every year, from October to February, the Rann of Kutch is enthralled by the famous Rann Utsav. Gujarat Tourism’s renowned celebration contrasts as one of the most important events in Kutch.

4. Due to Kutch’s longest sea line, Bhuj became the centre of trade and commerce, giving rise to capital in the region. It is the home of the Famous Kutch Rulers; more can be found in the Bhuj Provinces – Mahals, Lakes, and Museums. Here’s a Bhuj Travel Guide.

5. Vijay Vilas Palace, a beautiful beach mansion, is located on the famous Mandvi. The summer resort for the King there, as well as the white ornamental beach, are must-sees if you want to feel the breeze of the Vijay Vilas Palace.

6. Feel the divinity of Kutch at the Koteshwar Mahadev and the way old and pious Narayan Sarovar. It’s not just the Gods who also feel nature’s play.

7. Feel Kutch’s divinity at Koteshwar Mahadev and the ancient and pious Narayan Sarovar. Nature’s game affects more than just the Gods.

Your trip would be more than just a visit, with a million inspirations and breathtaking insights that will encourage you to learn more about our country’s history. Become a Kutch Extreme Traveler.

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Why one should visit Kutch during Rann Utsav?

All tourists are drawn to the area by its vibrant culture, rich traditions, beautiful arts and crafts, and warm Kutchi hospitality. From October 26th, 2022, until February 20th, 2023, the event will be held this time. In Kutch, people come from all over the world to feel this sense of joy and unity.

Rann Utsav History:

Events are held in Kutch by the Gujarat tourism board to highlight the vibrant culture of this important Indian region. People from all over the world have had a special chance to travel to Kutch and feel the authentic taste of the region thanks to this Rann Utsav under the direction of Vibrant Gujarat.


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What Is So Special About This Festival?

This celebration is all about honouring the Gujarati people’s sense of community and their cultural traditions. All of the guests enjoy the native dance and music of that region. Aside from its handicrafts, Kutch is renowned for its embroidered clothing, jackets, bedsheets, and carpets. Along with this, there are other more leisure pursuits available to keep visitors entertained, including:-


  • Para-monitoring
  • Rifle Shooting
  • Star Gazing
  • Pool & Chess
  • Archery
  • Trekking
  • Tikke(tri-wheeled scooter)
  • Spa & Meditation
  • Golf cart
  • Traditional music & dance performances
  • Rock climbing
  • Kidz zone

How Can You Get There?

Dhordo is the Gateway to the Rann, and Bhuj is the finest route to take to get there. The closest airport or train station to Kutch is in the city of Bhuj; from there, you can take a taxi to Kutch.

If that’s the only goal, Rann can handle 3 days. You should adjust your itinerary if you have an interest in historical locations. The best time to visit Rann of Kutch and see the white desert in all its splendour is from October to March. The Rann Utsav festival, which lasts for three months each winter, is organised by the Gujarati government every year. The festival this year began on October 26th, 2022, until February 20th, 2023.


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Interesting Facts:

Kutch or Rannutsav, a distinct manifestation of the region’s diverse cultural ethos, is known for its ethnic flavor and celebratory zest. This festival offers a unique opportunity to witness the creative ingenuity of artisans and craftspeople, a diverse array of folk music and performances, a mixed representation of culture and communities, and a wide range of ecological diversity. All of this, and much more, characterizes and defines Kutch and its people.


Rann Ke Rang: Official Rann Utsav Anthem Launched

Rann Ke Rang

Introducing #RannKeRang in all its grandeur, the song that honors the journey of love, togetherness, little moments, and experience.

It’s time to listen to the song of love, dance to the beat of forming friendships and accept the bond that’s growing over Rann Ke Rang.

Starring: Riddhi Dangar and Devarshi Shah
Singers: Sachin Sanghvi and Jigar Saraiya
Music by: Sachin Jigar
Lyrics By: Priya Saraiya

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A First-Time Traveler’s Guide to Rann Utsav 2022-2023

Rann Utsav will be Starting from Diwali - Spend Diwali At Rann Utsav Kutch

The Rann Utsav guide is intended for all travelers who have never been to Kutch but are eager to visit in the near future. Your journey through the sparkling white marshland will be remembered for a lifetime.

The annual festival in Kutch is an expensive affair rather than a low-cost event. However, this does not preclude you from cutting costs and travelling on a budget. In this blog, I will try to provide you with the best Rann Utsav guide that will help you save money.

The Kutch festival, also known as the Rann Utsav, is a journey that depicts the true culture of the Indian state of Gujarat, which I would like to show you in my current Rann Utsav guide. The Rann Utsav extravaganza creates an enchanting travel memory that you will remember for a long time. The festival’s uniqueness complements the spectacular boundless white desert.

The advertisement for Gujarat Tourism featuring Amitabh Bachchan (the Bollywood superstar who is the official ambassador of the Indian state of Gujarat) saying “Kuch nahi dekha toh kuch nahi dekha” (if you haven’t seen Kutch, you haven’t seen anything) must have been seen by Indian travellers. His advertisement undoubtedly makes viewers consider the Kutch region and how to plan a trip there!

As a traveller, if you’re wondering, “What is Rann Utsav?” Why is Kutch associated with Rann Utsav? How to plan a trip to the Rann of Kutch, and so on, my current Rann Utsav Guide will help you visit this wonderful region and attend the cultural event.

Rann Utsav Guide for Travelers

If you are a first-time visitor to the Kutch region, it is critical that you not only understand the intricacies of this very different region, but also connect well with the festival.

In order for you to have a better experience as a traveller, I’ve listed the most important things you should know as a visitor to the Rann Utsav ahead of time.

What is the Rann Utsav?

Rann refers to a salty marshland, and Utsav means festival in Hindi. As a result, Rann Utsav refers to a salty marsh festival (in the Kutch region of Gujarat).

“Rann Utsav is an awesome festival of Kutch, Gujarat, India,” according to their official website. When you visit under the full Moon, it is a Carnival of Music, Dance, the natural beauty of White Rann, and much more.” The Tourism Department of the west Indian state of Gujarat organises the Rann Utsav.

It is an intriguing tourism concept that showcases the rebuilt desert region of Kutch following the 2001 Earthquake by creating a travel story that connects Kutch’s geographical and cultural distinctions.

The Rann Utsav promises a treat for everyone, with premium tents at Dhordo village, camel rides, and daily trips to the Great Rann and nearby villages rich in craft and folk traditions, old temples, and historical landmarks.

Rann Utsav Package 2022, Kutch Rannutsav Packages for 1N/2D, 2N/3D Tour, 2021, 2022, Rannutsav.com

When is the Rann Utsav Celebrated?

Every year, from November to February, the Rann Utsav is held. The four-month-long festivities at the world’s largest seasonal salt marshland attract visitors from all over the world.

The announced dates for the current festival are from 26th Oct 2022 to 20th Feb 2023

What is the best time to visit Rann of Kutch?

The full moon days that fall during this period are the best time to visit the Rann of Kutch for the festival.

How to Reach Rann of Kutch?

Bhuj has the nearest airport and railway station, and from there you can drive to the Rann of Kutch. You will need to take a flight or train from the city you are visiting to get to Bhuj.

How is the overall climate in Kutch for travelers?

The months of November to early February are ideal for visiting the Kutch region. The Rann Utsav is organised during these months for this reason. During this time of year, the full moon nights add to the glimmer on the white sand.

When it comes to the rest of the year, it’s quite warm. The region’s climate is extreme, with May being the hottest month.

During this time, the average temperature is around 31°C. The coldest month is January, with an average temperature of 11°C. During the monsoon, the entire region is inundated with rainwater.

What to expect at the Rann Utsav?

The festival proudly displays Gujarat’s diverse arts and crafts, folk songs and dance, and the natural beauty of the Rann.

On display are local handicrafts such as embroidery, terracotta, block printing, and wood carving.

Kutchi folk songs and dances are performed, and visitors are served a variety of delectable delicacies.

During the festival, there are a variety of activities available, ranging from camel safaris and camel cart rides to ATV rides and stargazing. There is something for everyone at the Rann Utsav.

Daily sightseeing tours are also available.

How are the arrangements during the Rann Utsav?

During the Rann of Kutch Festival, the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd. has made excellent arrangements for accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, and food.

Many private players also make excellent arrangements for visitors.

An introduction to the Rann Utsav would be incomplete without a thorough understanding of the Rann of Kutch. So, for all my fellow travellers, allow me to shed some light here.

The Great Rann of Kutch: The White Marshland

Kutch, located on the far western edge of Gujarat, is not on the typical tourist trail. While many people visit Rajasthan to see the desert, few visit the other side of the Thar desert to explore this spectacular region.

With its 7,505 square miles in the Thar Desert, this idyllic geographical marvel is a sensational salt marsh with a sparkling panorama of white sands across the horizon. It remains dormant underwater until the festival preparations begin. Nature appears to preserve the beauty solely to commemorate this great infusion of life and its various forms.

Breathtaking White Beauty and Splendour of the Rann of Kutch

The White Rann is known for its stunning natural beauty, with miles of white salt flats stretching as far as the eye can see. A full moon night is the best time of month to enjoy the region’s splendours. The marshy salt desert stretches as far as the eye can see.

The Rann Utsav organises visits to the Rann at night during a full moon. Many regional and Bollywood films have been shot in the picturesque Rann of Kutch.

How to Be a Budget Traveler at the Rann Utsav?

If you are on a tight budget, don’t think you won’t be able to attend the Rann Utsav. It’s just that you’ll have to plan ahead of time and spend the majority of your time outside of Tent City.

If you are looking for a travel agency we would suggest you for Rann Utsav is Akshar Tour book and inquiry now.

A Special Note for Travelers Not Staying in Tent City

It is critical to define your expectations for Rann Utsav. You can certainly stay outside Tent City if you only want to do the sightseeing. You can certainly visit a few shops and restaurants without staying at Tent City.

The tent city has its own events and functions that are only available to tent city residents. There are no doors open to the public outside.


If you do not book accommodation in Dhordo, you will be unable to enter the tent city where the Rann Utsav is held. But that doesn’t stop you from visiting the White Rann and exploring the local marketplace in Dhordo and the rest of the region.

You can choose to stay in Tent City for one day and then venture out on your own (trust me the offbeat places nearby are way better than this region).


If you are not staying in the Tent City, you must obtain a permit to visit the Rann of Kutch. The hotel where you are staying can assist you with this.

What are the Offbeat Places to Visit for Travelers not Staying in Tent City?

The ‘Ekal ka Rann’ is a better alternative to the much-hyped white Rann. This location is about a hundred kilometres from Bhuj. The Ekal ka Rann is far more tranquil and lovely than the white Rann.


Rann Utsav Guide for Travelers Staying in Tent City

If, despite the higher price, you still want to stay in Tent City, here is some basic travel information that will be useful to you.


What is the Tent City?

The Tent City is where the Rann Utsav takes place. It is located in Dhordo and has been fortified by the Gujarat Tourism Department. The reason for this is that they clearly do not want to enter without paying.

This is now discouraging for many travellers. However, in their defence, they require revenue each year to promote tourism in their “less visited” state.

If you are looking for booking and any inquiey about tent city then check it our here Rann Utsav Tent City

Is the Accommodation at Tent City good?

Well, I would definitely say that the tent city is the best place to get the full Rann of Kutch festival experience (that is why you pay for it). As we all know, staying in the Tent City is quite expensive, but the money is well spent.

It has a 24-hour hot water supply, room heaters and air conditioners to combat the extreme temperatures, a marketplace, and two dining halls. As a result, you will find the tent city to be very comfortable and convenient.

Will you be treated well?

If you have less time to plan the entire trip and some extra cash to spend, this is a great option. Your entire trip is meticulously planned, from airport pickup to drop-off. The staff is extremely courteous, and the tents are fantastic.

Any tips on saving money while wanting to stay in Tent City?

Prices are lower for full moon dates in November and February. Due to Christmas and New Year’s, it is at its peak in the last ten days of December.

Official Permission for Entering the Salt Desert of Kutch 

Because of its proximity to the Pakistani border, the Salt Desert is considered a sensitive area and requires permission to enter.

Written permission is required, which can be obtained along the way at the Bhirandiyara village checkpoint (famous for mawa, a milk-based sweet).

The permit costs 100 INR per person and 50 INR for a car. One must submit a photocopy of the ID proof as well as the original. Permission can also be obtained from the Gujarat Police DSP office in Bhuj, close to Jubilee Ground (closed on Sundays and every second and fourth Saturday).

Rann Utsav Guide for the Activities to Pursue

According to my experience and thus, Rann Utsav guide, there are many interesting activities that can be pursued at the festival. Allow me to share them with you –


Fly like a bird through the sky to enjoy spectacular city views.

Ride an ATV

Enjoy the brush of air against your face as you ride across the Kutch desert.

Star Gazing

Admire the star-lit night sky as you sit on the white sands.

Leisure Club

Play pool, chess, or tennis with your loved ones at the recreation centre.

Pamper yourself at the spa

Massages and therapies will help you rejuvenate at the Spa Center.

Buy at the Stalls

Wall paintings, Bandhani dresses and sarees, embroidered materials and attires, and jewellery are among the Kutchi artefacts. Purchase them from the stalls. Iron bells (a must-see for any antique enthusiast) are also present.


Rann Utsav Guide for Food and Cultural Events within Tent City

Gujarati cuisine is served in the tent city’s two massive dining halls. The Rann Utsav is a must-do culinary experience. Other cuisines are also available.

The Rann Utsav is a hub of cultural activity. Folk artists from all over Gujarat captivate the audience with their performances.

Rann Utsav Guide for Sightseeing

The Rann Utsav offers exciting sightseeing opportunities in Bhuj, Kutch, and Mandvi. You can choose the package that best suits your needs.

Mandvi’s Vijay Vilas Palace and Shyamji Krishna Memorial are two examples. In Bhuj, visit the Handicraft Village, Gandhi Nu Gaam on the way to Kala Dungar, the Shri Swami Narayan Temple, and the Kutch Museum.

Itinerary for the Rann Utsav for Visitors Staying in Tent City

Now that I’ve attempted to help you understand the region and the festival, it’s time for me to share my itinerary with you.

Day 1: Arrival, Checking, Sunset in White Rann, Cultural Event

Pickup and Checking

You will be picked up at the airport or train station. Their stop is directly outside the Bhuj Railway Station. You will then be transferred to Tent City. The arrangement is simply stunning.

Sunset in the White Rann

You can take a ride in the Camel Carts from the Tent City. The view is breathtaking, with a hot mass of vermilion orange sunset over the infinite salt pan.

Day 2: A day at Mandvi

Shyamji Krishna Memorial

Shyamji Krishna Varma, one of the Indian Freedom Struggle Movement’s forgotten heroes, played a pioneering role in the fight against British rule. His memorial should be visited.

Shyamji Krishna Memorial stands out because it is located approximately 7 kilometres from Mandvi town and is set in a remote area with no other structures in sight.

The exhibition hall, which also houses his ashes, the replica of India House (originally in London), and the 15-minute documentary are all impressive.

A food court is also set up on the property. The strong winds are rushing through the open courtyard.

He had made arrangements for his ashes to be preserved before his death in 1930, and they were eventually brought to India by the Indian Prime Minister in 2002.

The Vijay Vilas Palace

Remember the palace from the Indian film Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam? That is the correct one. This is also a summer palace of Jadeja Maharao of Kutch, located on Mandvi’s sea beach.

The Mandvi Beach

A private beach has been reserved exclusively for Tent City guests. Take a look at the stunning sunset at Mandvi Beach. Food and tea are also available on the beach.

Day 3: Sunrise in White Rann, Kala Dungar and Gandhi Nu Gaam

Sunrise in the White Rann

You will have another opportunity to visit the magnificent White Rann, this time at sunrise.

Don’t be late, and enjoy the sunrise over the vast white land.

Gandhi Nu Gaam

From patchwork to nutcrackers, Kutch’s vibrant handicrafts are widely celebrated not only nationally but also internationally. You can get embroidery items as gifts and souvenirs, as well as one-of-a-kind hand-blocked printed paintings and engraved silver jewellery.

Kala Dungar (Black Hill), Kutch

Go to the highest point in Kutch, Kalo Dungar, to get a bird’s eye view of the whitewashed desert (Black Mountain). The Kala Dungar is covered in grassland, scrubland, rocks, and ponds, which provide habitat for faunal populations.

Many typical birds of scrubby and barren habitats can be found on the hill, which is a treat for birdwatchers. It appears black in the midst of the widespread White Rann.

Watching the sunset from the top of Kutch is an unforgettable experience. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the sun reflected in the white marshland. From 458 metres above sea level, it provides a panoramic view. It is also possible to see all the way across the Pakistani border.

Tip: Don’t get the kids binoculars on rent, they don’t work.

There is also a 400-year-old Dattatreya Temple, which is dedicated to an age-old belief. When Lord Dattatreya walked the Earth, he is said to have stopped at Kalo Dungar and met a band of hungry jackals.

He offered his body for them to feast on after seeing their plight. From then on, his body regenerated and he fed the jackals on a daily basis. For four centuries, temple officials have left food out for the jackals, which is prepared with great reverence, and the tradition has been preserved.

Day 4: Checkout and Bhuj Day


After breakfast, you will be checked out of the Tent City. They will do their best to keep the Bhuj Sightseeing a surprise for you.

Shri Swami Narayan Temple

The temple is entirely made of marble, and the entrance is enormous. The temple’s cleanliness will astound you. The only problem is that it has signs prohibiting women from approaching the temple grounds.

Kutch Museum

The Kutch Museum in Bhuj is Gujarat’s oldest museum. Worth a 15-minute visit. It houses a collection of Kutchi fabrics as well as ancient relics. Visit if you are interested in history.

Hiralaxmi Craft Park, Bhujodi (Handicraft Village and Craft Park)

Such art and handicrafts cannot be found anywhere else. Paintings on the walls, Bandhani dresses and sarees, embroidered materials and attires, jewellery, leather articles, and other creative artefacts

Is the Rann Utsav Safe for Women Travelers (especially the ones traveling solo)?

There is no problem with women’s safety. I travelled with my mother, and everything was safe and comfortable.

Tent City is home to both men and women (the place where I stayed). The administration will reassure you that you are secure and comfortable.

Quick Tips for Travelers Visiting Rann Utsav for the First Time

Make your reservations at least two months in advance.

Bookings made in November and February will be slightly cheaper.

It doesn’t really matter if you have an AC tent to yourself or not. The nights are cold, and you will be provided with a heater in any case.

Furthermore, the tents are cooler in the mornings than the scorching heat outside.

Do not miss out on the cultural shows that take place at night.

To fully enjoy the Rann Utsav, you should definitely spend one night in the Tent City. The remainder of the journey can be planned by remaining outside.

Rann Utsav is an unforgettable experience. It is unquestionably worth the money.

The white, never-ending expanse of the stunning Rann of Kutch salt desert is the ideal holiday destination. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you should try at least once.

About Rann Of Kutch Location, History & More

About the location:

Inland from the shore is the vast, cratered Rann of Kutch, which is guaranteed to leave you speechless. The miles-long expanse of nothingness is both unnerving and beautiful, with little water bodies and shrub forests serving as homes for pink flamingos and wild asses.

The hub for Kutchi needlework, tie-dye, leatherwork, ceramics, bell metal art, and the renowned Rogan painting by the last surviving professional family may be found in tribal hamlets with cylindrical mud bhungas (huts). The 4953-square-kilometer Wild Ass Sanctuary is located in the Little Rann of Kutch, which is located about 200 kilometres east of the Rann. It is home to the last known population of blue-bulls, blackbucks, chinkaras, and the chestnut-colored Indian wild ass (khur).

Brief History Rann Of Kutch: 

The region was previously a vast shallow of the Arabian Sea, but a continuous geological movement cut it off from the ocean. The area gradually developed into a seasonal salt marsh desert over time. The marsh overflows with water during the monsoon, and the wetland stretches from the Gulf of Kutch on the west to the Gulf of Cambay on the east. The water evaporates over the summer, leaving behind a crunchy substrate of white, salty land.

Western Gujarat’s Kachchh district contains the salt marshland Rann of Kachchh in the Thar Desert. Between the Pakistani state of Sindh and Gujarat in India is where it is located. Its 30,000 square kilometres of land include the Banni grassland, the Little Rann of Kachchh, and the Great Rann of Kachchh.

The Rann of Kachchh, thought to be the world’s largest salt desert, is well known for its white, salty desert sand. Hindi’s word for desert, “Rann,” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Irina,” which has the same meaning in Hindi. The people of Kachchh are known as Kachchhi, and they speak a language with the same name. The majority of people in Rann of Kachchh are Sikhs, Jains, Muslims, and Hindus.

A variety of biologically diverse fauna, including flamingos and wild asses that are frequently sighted in the desert, make the Rann of Kachchh region home. Rann is also a part of a few sanctuaries, including the Kachchh Desert Wildlife Sanctuary and the Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary. Both nature lovers and photographers of wildlife will find it to be a paradise.

Every year, from December through February, the Gujarati government organises “The Rann Utsav,” a three-month festival. The primary source of income for the inhabitants who warmly welcome tourists from across the world to sample regional specialties and experience Kachchh’s culture and hospitality.


Official Date Announced of Rann Utsav 2022-2023

How to Reach Rann Of Kutch:


By Road Rann Of Kutch:

Ahmedabad is 335 kilometers from Bhuj approx. The driving time is 7 hours. Rann of Kutch is about 85 kilometers from Bhuj.

By Train Rann Of Kutch:

Bhuj is the closest air and rail node to Rann of Kutch, at 85 kilometers.

By Air Rann Of Kutch:

The Rudra Mata airport at Bhuj is a small but busy node that connects Mumbai to Bhuj.


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