How To Reach Rann Utsav From Mumbai?

How To Reach Rann Utsav From Mumbai?

You are the one who lives in Mumbai– ‘City of Dreams’ and chasing your dreams in full of energy then after some time you need a break to relieve stress and get mental and physical peace. Nothing is better than to plan a short trip on weekends for some amazing places. Today I am here with one such place with its specialties and how to reach there.

Yes, I am talking about the White dessert or salt desert of Kutch.  Each year during winter season the tourism department of Gujarat holds the Rann Utsav, and one can enjoy many activities there but the question is how to reach there and distance between Rann Utsav to Mumbai. So the answer is here.

How To Reach Rann Utsav From Mumbai?

What are modes of transportation to reach Rann Utsav from Mumbai?

To make your journey memorable, we have listed three possible ways to reach Rann Utsav, which are by road, train, or air.

How To Reach Rann Utsav From Mumbai?

  1. By Road:

Via Bus:

There is two travel operator in the Mumbai who provide the facility to reach the Bhuj via bus. There are total three buses allowed for the trip. The total distance from Mumbai to White dessert is 863 km if you pick the bus mode, and it takes 18h 25 min to reach the destination. From Bhuj takes cab or auto and visit your place.

Via Car:

Travel via car is an entirely different experience. The distance between Rann Utsav to Mumbai is 950 km, it 16 hours to reach this destination. But the good part of the car is you can bring all the essential item with you in the car without worrying about luggage like water, food, dry snacks, camera, etc.

In between, there are many places where you can take hold to explore. Throughout the road, you can see the scene and landscape that are different. Somewhere you can find lush green land, and somewhere you can see empty grounds.  But the conditions of roads are well, so you do not have to worry about any damage or else.

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  1. By Train:

The train is one of the best travel modes for natives as well as for foreigners. The experience is different, and you can see the culture of India and find talkative people around you.

There are five direct trains from Mumbai to Bhuj, which are Kutch Express (19131), Bhuj Ac S F Express (22903), Bdts Bhuj Express (19115), Dadar Bhuj Express (12959), and Pune Bhuj Express (11092).

The time taken to travel Mumbai to Bhuj is a minimum 12 h 45 min. And once you reach the Bhuj (known city of Kutch), you can take a taxi or auto to reach the place of Rann Utsav.

  1. By Flight/Air:

Fight mode is the faster mode of transportation, and many people preferred it. There are regular flights from Mumbai to Bhuj. Bhuj is the nearest airport to the Rann of Kutch. From the Bhuj, you can take auto or taxi to reach Rann of Kutch where the grand Rann Utsav is held.

The flight takes about 1h 10 min, and ticket price ranges from ₹1500-3500. The available airlines are IndiGo, GoAir, SpiceJet, Jet Airways, and Air India.

So it is all about how to reach Rann Utsav from Mumbai. We hope you like the info we have shared here. In case of any confusion or question, we have a comments section for you! Thank you!

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6 Places to Visit in Kutch Rann Utsav

The largest district of Gujarat, Kutch is a delight for cultural tourists worldwide with over 18 different tribes that live harmoniously despite their varying languages, customs and traditions. Whereas the jeep and camel safaris across the Rann of Kutch may be the greatest attraction in the realm, there are plenty of different beautiful things to determine.

Dholavira, one in all the 6 largest Harappan sites within the Indian subcontinent could be a must-see for all tourists. The Aina Mahal is another tourist attraction in Kutch. With the attractive pleasure pool and also the beautiful Venitian glass and marble work, the palace is indeed a royal treat. The Vijay Villas Palace, Bhadreshwar Jain Temple and Bhuj are some of the other places you need to visit. If you are someone who loves animals and birds, you’ll be able to visit 2 sanctuaries and a national park that are home to several species of fauna together with endangered ones.

Great Rann of Kutch


The Rann Utsav which is a 3 to 4 month-long competition celebrating the Rann additionally takes place on the great Rann of Kutch. Starting from mid November, this competition hosts a plethora of activities and performances by native folk artists, renowned singers and more that attract several thousands of people to the current place. A camel safari on the White Desert may be a must when you’re in the good Rann.

The climate here is extreme with an average temperatures starting from a maximum of 42-degree C and a minimum of 7-degree C. A visit to India is incomplete if you have got not been to the nice Rann of Kutch as it epitomizes India’s incredibility and vibrancy.



One of the six largest Harappan sites within the Indian sub-continent, Dholavira is located within the Khadir Bet Island in Kutch district of Gujarat. as well known as ‘Kotada timba’, the site was discovered in 1967 by J P Joshi. Since 1990, Archaeological Survey of India is excavating the location. The site contains remains of the Indus valley civilization. The positioning is considered to be the second largest Harappan site in India and fifth largest within the Indian sub-continent. The opposite Harappan sites are Harappa, Mohenjo-daro, Ganeriwala, Rakhigarhi, Kalibangan, Rupanagar and Lothal. Along with Lothal, Dholavira is the only web site that marks its presence in all the stages of Harappan culture from 2900 BC to 1500 BC.

Through the excavation distributed by the ASI, it’s been learnt that Dholavira was once a vital industrial center and trade occurred with south Gujarat, Sindh, Punjab and the Middle East. Archaeologists have also discovered urban design and unearthed antiquities like seals, beads, gold, silver, terracotta ornaments, pottery and bronze vessels. Dholavira additionally consists one among the world’s earliest water conservation systems. It had reservoirs that were used for storing rain water. Heavily captivated with rainfall, Dholavira invested on rainwater harvesting to beat the drought situation.



Mandvi could be a fortified city located sixty km southwest of Bhuj. It is famous for its beaches and camel and horse rides on the shores. Close to the beach is the Vijay Vilas Palace, an spectacular building designed in 1940 as a royal summer retreat. From the rooftop one will have a stunning view of the sea. The caste of Kharva builds little ships. The ship building trade is around four hundred years recent. Vijay Vilas Palace, the Swaminarayan temple, bandhani bazaar and many other things are of nice interest here.

Narayan Sarovar


Narayan Sarovar literally suggests that the Lake of Narayan, a name for Vishnu. There are literally 5 sacred lakes here. A temple complicated is located on one of these. Narayan Sarovar is one in every of the most sacred pilgrimage sites for Hindus. The architecture is ancient and awe-inspiring. Narayan Sarovar in Kutch is the foremost ancient and pious place for Hindus. It’s one among the five holy ponds in India. During this place there are temples of Shri Trikamraiji, Laxminarayan, Govardhannathji, Dwarkanath, Adinarayan, Ranchodraiji and Laxmiji. Maharaj Shri Deshalji’s Queen had designed these temples. Devotee from everywhere India come to worship the lords here.

Vijay Vilas Palace


Do you remember Salman Khan and Aishwariya Rai serenading every alternative with ‘Chand Chupa Badal Main’ in ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ or Elizabeth swaying to precise her new found love for Bhuvan in ‘Lagaan’? That’s the Vijay Vilas Palace in the background. Located in Mandvi city within the Kutch district, it is a perfect royal residence set amidst well trimmed gardens and marble fountains. Made with coloured glass, protruding porches and domes on pillars, this palace may be a treat to the eyes. Take up a residence package at the palace and take a look at their private beach.

Aina Mahal


You merely cannot miss visiting Aina Mahal (Hall of Mirrors) in Maharao Lakhpatji’s previous palace. You’ll see traditional Kutchi architecture during this structure. Created by Ram Singh Malam within the eighteenth century, the mirror work is influenced by Indian and European styles. With innovative use of Venetian glass, marbles, mirrors adjoined by studded jewelry and reflective lighting, Aina Mahal is going to be worth your while. You will additionally love visiting the Pleasure Pool, which includes a small square block jutting out from the center where the Maharaja used to sit down to be galvanized to write down poems. If you asked us to explain this place in just a few words, it would be ‘A royal treat’!

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Places to visit in Kutch, Gujarat

Places to visit in Kutch, Gujarat 

Nirona village, Kutch, Gujarat, India

Dholavira, Bhachau Taluka of Kutch District, Gujarat

The great rann of kutch,  Kutch, Gujarat 370001, India
Indian wild ass sanctuary, Mayurnagar Halwad Road, Dhrangadhra, Gujarat 363310,India

Chari-dhand wetland conservation reserve, Great Rann of Kutch, Kutch district, Gujarat

Banni grasslands reserve, Rajendra Nagar Gate, Near Block Factory, Nr. Old Railway Station.

Narayan sarovar sanctuary

Kutch desert wildlife sanctuary, Great Rann of Kutch, Kutch district, Gujarat

Kutch bustard sanctuary

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Nirona Village Kutch, Gujarat, Best handmade copper bells, lacquer ware, rogan art

Nirona Village Kutch, Gujarat, Best handmade copper bells, lacquer ware, rogan art and much more…

Plan your visit to Kutch, Gujarat.

Nirona Village in Gujarat is likewise well known as a standout amongst the most famous of artisans’ town in the Kutch. A villa of around 50 odd families, it houses the absolute most looked for after artisans of the district. You can visit their homes cum workshops and see them at work.

At Nirona Village, you will discover the best of carefully assembled copper chimes, enamel product, rogan craftsmanship and then some. While you can purchase the stuff, a portion of the artisans additionally give classes on different expressions here. For a more experiential visit, you can even stay in the town with one of the familie

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Desh Devi Maa Ashapura Temple, Visit Kutch, Gujarat

Desh Devi Maa Ashapura Temple, Visit Kutch, Gujarat

This place of worship or Ashapura is saturated with relic the extent that its cause is concerned. There are references to this goddess in the Puranas, Rudrayamal Tantra thus on which are all said to indicate this holy place in Kutch.

In any case, today there is no hint of any old records or works which give any evidences of the start of love at this holy place amongst the current records in the ownership of the trust.

One actuality immovably emerges that this divinity was all that much there in ninth century AD when the Samma family of Rajputs from Sindh initially entered western, or all the more accurately, north-western Kutch. They were followed in the later hundreds of years by more families or this family which in the end secured them in the locale and one of their line got control of the entire condition of Kutch initially of the sixteenth century. This was Khegarji I, the child of Jam Hamirji who was killed by Jam Rawal prior. Both the Jams (in Sindh a Raja or Chieftain was called ‘Jam’) were significant lovers of Ma Ashapuraji.

There are a few legends joined with this divinity. The most remarkable and well known form is that around 1500 years prior Karad Vania from Marwar (a term inexactly utilized as a part of past times for the present – day Rajasthan) was visiting this zone to offer his products, and ceased in the spot where the present sanctuary of the goddess stands to spend the nine days of “navratri” as he was a lover of the Goddess Amba. He didn’t have any issue, so he generally petitioned her to issue him a youngster. While dozing in the night he saw the god in his fantasy who requested that he construct a sanctuary on the spot where he halted. As a token of the veracity of this fantasy, She is said to have included, on awakening would discover a coconut and a “chundri” (a bit of red-shaded material with tie and color chip away at it). Anyway the Goddess had given particular order that after the sanctuary was fabricated its entryways ought to be closed and were not to opened for six months by which time she would create herself in that.

However several months prior to the expiry of six months Devchand (the name of the Vania) began listening to the qualities of heavenly music after dusk and amid the night. He couldn’t contain himself after eventually and opened the entryways of the sanctuary thus discovered the god on her knees in the posture amidst her endeavors to remain up as She shows up today.

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Kutch tourist places, Kutch Trip, Gujarat, India

We provide handy guide for Kutch Trip during Kutch, Gujarat Trip.

There are plenty of Kutch Tourist Places which includes :

Nirona Village


The great rann of kutch

Indian wild ass sanctuary

Narayan sarovar sanctuary

Kutch desert wildlife sanctuary

Kutch bustard sanctuary

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Kutch. . . Unending Possibility Of Exploration

Narayan Sarovar snapshot

Narayan Sarovar snapshot

Kutch is a unique place on earth with an  numerous sites for unbelievable sights and unforgettable experiences – Rann Utsav.

Wildlife Hopping

Gujarat is home to the famous  wild ass sanctuary. The wild ass sanctuary of little rann of kutch is the only place on the earth where the endangered indian wild ass still exists. The great rann of kutch along with the littlle rann of kutch is famous as the world’s last refuge of the indian wild ass (khur) for the conservation of which it has been declared as the indian wild ass sanctuary

In a specially designed jeep you can race through the expanse of the Rann with the wind in your face. Alternatively you can take a leisurely camel safari to see the wildlife . Or you can be driven at a more leisurely pace to the neighbouring villages where you can enjoy the warm hospitality of the different tribal communities

As parts of the rann of floods in the monsoon it is an important staging ground for migratory birds. It a popular breeding ground for flamingos. The trumpeting of thousands of graceful cranes brings life to the beautiful desolate Rann. Also large flock of waders, waterfowls and raptors and larks arrive on the scene, making it popular destination for photographers and bird watchers.

Vivid culture and alluring life

The pastoral clans like Rabaris, Kharapat Rabaris, Jats and Bharvads give this area a unique and vibrant touch.

Known for extraordinary craftsmanship and brilliant embroidery work, all these clans have their own lexicon of motifs and embroidery stitches and other craft techniques. Families and women settled in these parts of Gujarat have perfected the art of making beautiful clothes and decorations. Though many of these skills have since been lost, they are being kept alive today through various handicraft initiatives.


  • For photography enthusiasts, special rides and camouflaged jeeps can be organized
  • A trip to a typical Kutchi village and an insight into the art of handloom weaving and Dyeing Units can be enticing due to the vibrantly colored dyes and the exquisite craftsmanship. The age old craft of pottery can also be viewed from close quarters
  • Tribal life is best experienced with the tribal people and there is no substitute for a stay at the typical tents
  • patola silk sarees, bandhanis, ghagra-cholis and marriage costumes are the specialty here. You will also find interesting wall hangings, embroidered quilts, cradle clothes, cloth toys, embroidered footwear, lacquer furniture and curios. These are mostly around the wild ass sanctuary

Near by places..

Chhari dhand

This wetland is home to thousands of migratory waterfowl. During a good monsoon year chhari-dhand(dhand, a shallow lake) gets inundated with rain water that lasts through out the year and is a paradise for amateur bird watchers, wetland and wildlife expers. It provides habitat for 55 species with the abundance of around 50,000 birds. Many of these fall under the rare and threatened categories. Many raptor species, Greater flamingo , Great white pelican, Common pochards and Common coot are some of the bird species commonly found here. The Indian wolf, Jungle, Chinkara, Caracal are the threatened mammalian fauna that depend on this wetland.

Narayan Sarovar snapshot

“beautiful scenes for photography”. Worth the drive to the western edge of India! The temples are well maintained and the panoramic view of the sea is long lasting.

Kandla Port

Kandla Port is a national port in kutch and is one of the eleven most important ports of india. This port is situated on the kandla Stream and its first investigation was undertaken by the British Royal Indian Navy in 1851. Kandla Port is also the country’s only free trade zone whose foundation was laid by pandit jawaharlal nehru.

The Kutch Museum

The kutch museum is the oldest museum in gujrat. This museum houses the largest existing collection of  kshetra inscriptions, which belong to the 1st century AD.

Its collection also includes examples of the extinct Kutchi Script along with a collection of some ancient coins. One section of this museum is also dedicated to tribal culture and includes examples of ancient artefacts, folk arts and crafts along with information about the tribal people. There is also a display of some embroidery work, paintings, arms, musical instruments, sculptures and metalwork in this museum.

Aina Mahal

Aina Mahal is a palace of mirrors built in the 18th century and is also known as the madansinhji museum. The museum has two parts, one of which is called the kala atari picture gallery and the other part is called the aina mahal.This ‘aina mahal’ or the hall of mirrors is the biggest attraction of this museum. The art gallery in this museum comprises many photographs and portraits of bhuj city and its rulers.

Prag Mahal

The prag  mahal is another prominent sightseeing destination of kutch and is located next to the aina mahal. This fort was built in the 19th century and was commissioned by rao pragmalji II. Its italian-gothic architecture style was presented by colonel henry saint wilkins.

The main features of this palace includes its main hall, which is filled with decaying taxidermy followed by its Durbar Hall, which comprises ancient and broken chandeliers along with classical statues.Its corinthian pillars, jali work and a small hindu temple in its courtyard are also quite popular.

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A Sanctuary In The Wilderness At RannUtsav

The Wild Ass Sanctuary of little rann of kutch is the only place on the earth where the endangered indian wild ass still exists.little rann of kutch is a fantastic destination for the wildlife lovers – Rann Utsav.


The great rann of kutch along with the littlle rann of kutch is famous as the world’s last refuge of the Indian wild ass (khur) for the conservation of which it has been declared as the indian wild ass sanctuary

The inner run of the water from sea in little rann of kutch make the sanctuary a marshy ground and allow a large diversity of the wild animals to reside at this place. Irregular grassland also called as baits make the major vegetation in the rann of kutch.

A fiat, salt-cracked vast barren desert, hissing sand storms and the majestic ghudkhar roaming over mirage waters make the little rann of kutch a unique and one of the most fascinating wilderness of the world.

The stunningly open, salt-encrusted plains of the rann of kutch covers tens of thousands of’s of north Gujarat, bordering the arabian Sea to its west, rajasthan & Pakistan to its north and the indian mainland to the south and east – a unique haven for desert adapted wildlife.

The wild ass wildlife sanctuary covers almost 5000 square kilometres, making it the largest wildlife sanctuary in India it is the home of the indian wild ass, which is an endangered sub-species of the asiatic wild ass. The scientific name for this particular sub-species is equus hemi onus khur, which is why it is sometimes known simply as Khur.

The focus of the wild ass wildlife sanctuary is to protect and preserve these creatures, and to educate the public However, the wild Ass is not the only resident of the sanctuary. In fact, it boasts many animals including snakes, crocodiles, spiders, crustaceans, insects and lizards, as well as Blue Bulls, Chinkaras, Desert

The wild ass wildlife sanctuary in gujarat offers visitors safaris to ensure that they witness as many animals enjoying their natural habitat as possible. These safari tours are conducted in open-air jeeps during the early morning and late afternoon or evening, as these are the hours in which most of the fauna is making its way into the coolness of the day, rather than in the hot daytime. These trips are always conducted by a qualified guide, who will inform travellers and answer their questions.

The gulf of kutch lies on the migration route of many bird species thus making it a nesting site for approx. 75,000 birds every year. Situated to north west of ahmadabad. More than 100 species of birds are found here and many migratory birds nest and breed at this sanctuary. LRK & Thol key species consist of mcQueen’s bustard, common crane,egyptian vulture, indian spotted eagle, a variety of harriers, greater flamingo, dalmatian pelican and greater hoopoe Lark

The famous bird species found inhabiting Indian little Rann of Kutch wildlife sanctuary are laggar falcon, spotted & Indian sand grouse, flamingos, francolin partridge, desert larks, houbara bustard, bustard quails, desert wheatear, short toed eagle, steppe eagle, imperial eagle, storks, ducks, cranes and pelicans.

It will be a memorable experience was to go wading knee-deep into the warm waters of a salt marsh with thousands of flamingos around.

Explore the world of wild life with us!!!

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Gujarat Tourism – Destination With its Rich Culture and Heritage

Travel has the power to make you fall in love with places and people all over again. while traveling, you will come across subjects that have been shot time and can evoke wanderlust in you. you will wish to embark on a never ending journey – Rann Utsav.

You meet plenty of interesting people, hear amazing stories, visit locales that take your breath away, experience exuberant festivals and see wildlife in all its glory. the hustle and bustle, the neon lights, the sweat, the grime and the crowds-all elements that define a city.

It opens your eyes to the wonders of natural and human elements. you realise that the whole world is alive and thrumming with life. it inspires you to trap a fleeting instant of this energetic flow in your camera. this is the magic of travel and it is on this wondrous journey that we  help you embark on, as you turn the page.
 Gujarat Tourism

Gujarat tourism has been aggressive in its promotion and generous in its disposition. There’s a lot to explore. A LOT.

Gujarat tourism features a wonderful picturesque landscape which you can explore thoroughly with the help of  Gujarat tourism.Here’s why you should go to Gujarat on your next holiday and what all you should see and do.

Gujarat True Representative of Diverse Yet United India dazzles with vibrant diversities reflected in its culture, people, rich heritage and many tourism attractions. Vast stretches of Coastal wetlands and extended blue sea on one hand and fertile plains and mountain ranges on the other, Gujarat never fails to surprise its visitors. Summers can be scorching and winters are extremely cold, while the region adjoining the neighbouring desert state of  Rajasthan remains dry throughout.

Gujarat is open for tourists all through the year. Hence you can plan your visit as per your convenience and chalk out the places you would like to visit.Pack your bags and have a fun filled holiday during winters- the best time to travel to Gujarat!

Neglected of late as a tourist destination in India, Gujarat is fast climbing up the ladder to become one of the top places to visit in India thanks to its unique topographical, cultural and geological landscape. One of the most vibrant and developed state, Gujarat is home to the highly visible Jain community that are largely responsible for the industrious reputation as well as the laws of prohibition of alcohol in Gujarat.

You could travel to Gujarat for a number of reasons. From the fossil fields of indigenous dinosaurs, Gir with the only home to Asiatic Lions outside Africa to the art of the Neolithic cave paintings to the stone masonry of a succession of civilized architecture both modern and ancient.

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“White Dessert: A Surreal Experience” “A Phenomenal Natural Wonder”

The destination where you are one with your thoughts with no one else as far as the eye can see.

Wedged between the arabian sea and the boundless thar desert, rann of kutch is mesmerizing symphony of salt and sand. Rann Utsav – This white symphony reaches its crescendo on a full moon night. What makes kutch even more surreal is that during the monsoon, it gets submerged in the water.

For the remaining eight months of the year, it’s a gigantic stretch of white salt lending it the look of white desert. The breathtaking landscape of crystalline salt that glitters like celestial dust in the moonlight. This phenomenal nature wonder is the most appealing part of the kutch festival.

white dessert
Get Amazing Experience At Rannutsav

Consider going here early to catch the sunrise for an uninterrupted and surreal experience you can take the time to run of the vast Runn and click countless photos. The white desert gave me the most beautiful sunrise i have ever experienced. It is known to look best at full moon nights.a full moon night visit to this unique place and a visit to witness the sunrise. The rann looks different on all three visits. Viewing Salt crystals shining on a full moon night is a memorable experience.

During full moon nights cultural programs celebrating gujarat’s rich culture and traditions are usually held at dhordo. A moon light camel safari is the rann of a kutch is one of the must to do things.

When winter arrives, the great flamingos arrive at the great rann of kutch all the way from Siberia for breeding lending the white desert a pinkish hue. Many other migratory bird species such as the bustards, blue tailed bee eater, cernuous vulture and demoiselle cranes also arrive here in large number.

“Kala Dungar – “Black Hill” is the highest point in the rann of kutch, approached up a narrow, tortuous and quite roughly-surfaced road. On top of the hill is a temple dedicated to the 3-headed god, dattratreya, an amalgam of shiva, vishnu and rama.

It is a place of pilgrimage.A path and steps, with tatues of indian birds and animals and descriptive notices, leads down to a couple of viewpoints, at 458 metres above the rann. The views across the salt flats towards the gulf of kutch are beautiful, though partly obscured by heat haze.Rann of kutch is located close to the indo – pak border therefore all tourists require prior written permission from the dsp’s office in bhuj before traveling there.

Winter is the time when the month-long rann utsav is held. To experience the kutch at its most colourful and vibrant, rannuutsav is the time to visit this destination in gujarat.It is a cornucopia of music, dance and myriad colours & culture of the state. A three day annual razzmatazz, the white desert comes alive with music, dance, live tents, camel safari, arts & crafts on display and cultural performances during the rannuUtsav.The festival is a great way to end the year with a bang.

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