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What is the Rann Utsav?

The word Rann suggests a pungent marshland and the word Utsav in Hindi means celebration. Hence the Rann Utsav together signifies a festival of the pungent swamp (in the Kutch area of Gujarat). As their official site quotes, “Rann Utsav is a great celebration of Kutch, Gujarat, India. It is a Carnival of Song, Dance, nature magnificence of White Rann and considerably more than that when visiting under the full Moon.” Rann Utsav Festivals are organized by the Gujarat Tourism Department of the west Indian province.

When is the Rann Utsav Celebrated?

This festival is coordinated in the months of Nov. to Feb. every year. The four-month-long celebrations at the world’s biggest occasional salt marshland allures travellers from all across. The declared dates for the current festival are from 26th Oct 2022 to 20th Feb 2023.

What is the best time to visit Rann of Kutch?

The best ideal opportunity to visit the Rann of Kutch for the celebration is on full moon days that fall from this Nov. to Feb period. 

How to Be a Budget Traveler at the Rann Utsav?

In case you are a financial plan explorer, don’t think that you can not go to the Rann Utsav. It’s simply that you should design a slight bit more and stay outside Tent City for most of your time.

Are vaccinations mandatory for going to rann utsav?


Is the Rann Utsav Safe for Girls Travelers?

There is no issue with the ladies safety at all. I travelled with my family and it was all very safe and comfortable.

All people live in Tent City. The management will guarantee you that you are safe and comfortable.

Let Us Plan Safe & Secure Holidays!

Get, set & prepared for “Kutch to Dekhna hi he” – “must visit Kutch Rann Utsav 2022” from 26th Oct 2022 to 20th Feb 2023. We will help you plan an unforgettable vacation full of adventures and fun. You can book tickets by calling us at +1(800) 233-9008 or write to us at  for any inquiries!

The official dates for Rann Utsav have been announced; please check out this link for more information –

Kutch Rann Utsav 2022 – The Beginning of Rann Utsav Festival

Kutch Rann Utsav 2020 - The Beginning of Rann Utsav Festival

The rising & shining era of “Rann Utsav” is a ray of hope for tourism industry of Gujarat – organized by the government of Gujarat.

Kutch Rann Utsav 2022

The entire tourism industry of Gujarat heartily thankful to govt. of Gujarat and appreciate the right step of re-beginning of Rann Utsav which brings more confidence and strengthening the players of the tourism industry and their employment after the global pandemic COVID-19. How to Reboost Tourism Industry After Pandemic. Now, the Rann Utsav Flash Sale starting soon.

Kutch Rann Utsav 2020 - The Beginning of Rann Utsav Festival

Rann Utsav” is a prestigious & proud occasion of our Gujarat and its tourism industry. It generates more employment for various people and gives a platform to showcase their tradition, arts, handicrafts, culture, and many more. A unique experience in the world Rann Utsav only – world’s only longest white desert festival.

Strengthening the economy & builds the highest benchmark of the tourism industry of Gujarat – it is a heaven of Gujarat by various stakeholders, players under the core leadership of our government Of Gujarat.

The Beginning of Rann Utsav Festival

The miracle of nature converts the rainwater into white carpet Rann Utsav.  A combination of shining moon and white desert – unforgettable experience Rann Utsav only.

Tourists across the world are eagerly waiting for the 26th October  for our Gujarat’s Rann Utsav – the festival of the white desert.

Govt. of Gujarat, Gujarat Tourism, and Organizer, every stakeholder of tourism fraternity of Gujarat and the core people of Kutch and many more are prepared to welcome all the tourists to “Rann Utsav” and make their visit a beautiful & memorable experience.

The real essence of Kutch by its art, culture, dance, tradition, handicrafts, a village under the view of the white desert during sunrise & sunset – a natural glorious experience in the world will be welcoming you all.

Get, set & ready for “Kutch to Dekhna hi he” – “must visit Kutch Rann Utsav” from 26th Oct 2022 to 20th Feb 2023.

Our Gujarat – Our Tourism – Our Proud – Our Rann Utsav

Special Thanks to the government of Gujarat & Gujarat Tourism.

Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat.

The dates for Rann Utsav have been officially announced; click this link to knowmore. –

Places to visit in Kutch, Rann Utsav, Gujarat

Akshar Travels delivers useful information of Places to visit in Kutch, Rann Utsav, Gujarat, India.

Kandla Port

Kandla Port

Kandla Port, a national port, is one of the eleven most important ports of India. This port is situated on Kandla stream. The first investigation of this stream…



The major spots of tourist visit is the shrine of Jesai Toral and the bungalow of James Mcmurdo and the other spots of visit is Ajaypal temple and…Gandhidham

This place evoked into regular inhabitance during the separation and displacement of the people India. It is an economic capital of the state and considered as the fast…
Vijay Vilas Palace

Vijay Vilas Palace

Do you remember Salman Khan and Aishwariya Rai serenading each other with ‘Chand Chupa Badal Main’ in ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ or Elizabeth swaying to express her…

Aina Mahal

Aina Mahal

You simply can’t miss visiting Aaina Mahal (Hall of Mirrors) in Maharao Lakhpatji’s old palace. You’ll see traditional Kutchi architecture in this structure. Created by Ram Singh Malam…



Known as the Jaisalmer of Gujarat, Bhuj is the most important city in the Kutch region of Gujarat. The city was ravaged in the earthquake of 2001 which…

The Great Rann of Kutch

The Great Rann of Kutch

Kutch Desert wildlife Sanctuary is divided into the Little Rann which has a 4,950 sq. km Wild Ass Sanctuary, created in 1973 and the Greater Rann which is…



Mandvi is a fortified town located 60 km southwest of Bhuj. It is famous for its beaches and camel and horse rides on the shores. Close to the…Dholavira


One of the five largest Harappan sites in Indian sub-continent, Dholavira is located in the Khadir Bet Island in Kutch district of Gujarat. Also known as ‘Kotada timba’,…Kutch Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary

Kutch Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary

Home to the endangered Great Indian bustard, the Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary is the smallest sanctuary in the country spread over just two sq km. Located near Nalia…

Little Rann Wild Ass Sanctuary

Little Rann Wild Ass Sanctuary

Situated in the Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary is the only place on earth where Indian wild asses still roam free. Located 130 km from Ahmedabad,…

Marine National Park

Marine National Park

Blessed with a great diversity of habitats, coral reefs and mangroves, the Marine National Park (MNP) has the distinction of being the first marine park in India. Narayan Sarovar

Narayan Sarovar

Narayan Sarovar means the Lake of Narayan, a name for Vishnu. There are actually five sacred lakes here. A temple complex is located on one of these. Narayan…Bhadreshwar Jain Temple

Bhadreshwar Jain Temple

There are a number of temples built by Jain followers in Kutch. The Bhadreshwar temple, one of the most ancient temples situated in Bhadrawati, considered a very holy…

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Places to visit in Kutch, Rann Utsav, Gujarat

Kutch and Rann Utsav, 2022, 2023, Camel Safari Kutch, Desert Safari Kutch

Kutch and Rann Utsav, 2022, 2023, Camel safari kutch, desert safari kutch, rann utsav

Here is major attraction of Kutch, Gujarat, Rann Utsav, India

Pooja Bhula

Discover the delights of the desert and the ongoing Rann Utsav in Kutch
Under the gaze of the full moon, when the sands of the white rann (desert) glimmer at night, it’s breathtaking! With this description from fellow travellers, I couldn’t wait for the night to arrive. Soon enough, it did. While the full moon did show up, only the stars glimmered. And by the way, it’s not the sand that is white, but the carpets of salt that cover parts of the rann. Yes, salt. You have to taste it to believe it. The view wasn’t as mind-blowing as I had expected, but then again, three busloads of people can make any place seem less serene. This was our second visit to the white rann in 12 hours—my friends and I had come here in the evening for the sunset. Other tourists were going on camel rides, clicking the crimson sun and dancing to folk music…But for me, the beauty lay beyond the crowd, where I could see the rann and the blue sky meet.

Our tents at Dhordo

War, Peace and Love

Early next morning, we left for the Indo-Pak border. Even though nations are only a few centuries old, tools of patriotism like national songs, movies, news reports…are used so well that the border, as a tourist spot, needs no marketing. People will visit anyway. From Tent City Dhordo, where we were staying, the border is almost a four-hour drive. In between, we stopped to hand over our cellphones and cameras to the Border Security Force (BSF) officials near India Bridge. You’re not even allowed to photograph the bridge. Barbed wire fences indicate that the border is not too far; while you can’t go right there, the watch spot is just a few feet away. Tourists are allowed here only during the Utsav. A BSF jawan cued us in about the machinery and equipment, the difference between BSF and the army, the climate and geography of Kutch and more… Interestingly, Kutch gets its name from kutchua (tortoise) because of its shape. Not too far, he informs us, is the largest breeding ground for flamingos in India. The bunkers you see are only used during war, but this border is “peaceful”.

While some found it interesting, others complained it wasn’t worth the time. For me, it triggered memories of KN Daruwalla’s Love Across The Salt Desert that I had read in school. On our way back, I pondered over the charm of old love stories, Najab and Fatima (lead characters) and Daruwalla’s description of the desert as a mirage in the heat where “a depression in the sand looked like a splash of water, a freak, stunted cactus gave the appearance of a grove, and a camel looked like a huge prehistoric animal on the move.

” The vast stretch of desert and nothingness may bore some, but it brought me deep calm. I wondered what it would be like to cross the border on a camel. Do people still smuggle tendu leaves out? What’s life like on the other side? Do spice sellers still live there?

View from Kalo Doongar

Wildlife and Mythology

Soon, it was time to hop off again, this time at Kalo Doogar (black hill), the highest point in Kutch. Guides say that when the Lord Dattatreya stopped at the black hill and found starving jackals, he chopped of parts of his body and gave it to them. As they ate, his body regenerated itself. Wildlife lovers will be glad to know that jackals come to the temple everyday to eat. For nature buffs, the black hill, white sand and turquoise sea create a lovely canvas.

Adventure and Hospitality

We returned to Dhordo by night and the cultural programmes had begun. We didn’t attend them, but we got reviews, “The folk performaces are really good and events are interactive.” At an extra cost you can do dirt biking, desert safaris, hot air ballooning and more. For every meal, you’re offered a combination of cuisines: Kutchi, north Indian, south Indian, Indianised Italian and Chinese. The Tent City is huge, so jeeps and golf carts ply to and fro to take people across. The simple-looking tents are clean, comfortable and mosquito free. A heater-cum-cooler is provided and the attached bathroom is basic, but spacious, stocked with toiletries. Of all the things, what I won’t forget is the hospitality.

Modern crafts at Hodco

Craft and Colour

We were eager to spend at least a day visiting the villages and after interacting with craftsmen at the Tent City’s craft bazaar, we decided on Hodco. The village lies in the heart of Banni grasslands; craftsmen here deal in leather punching, mirror work and embroidery. Their circular houses wear a conical hat and their women, colourful garments and bold metallic jewellery. In the past they embroidered with passion in the heart and art in the mind, but now they tailor their offerings to suit the cost-conscious, industrial culture. As a result, today, the demand for the old work is such that designers are willing to buy garments previously worn by the women of the house. For those interested, homestays are available.

Vijay Vilas Palace

Beach Buzz and Royalty

We spent the night at Mandvi, and once the sun rose, we headed to the beach it is famous for. Here you’ll find windmills, a few shacks and coconut and chatwallas peddling up and down. The beach has the Indian stamp of litter, but the blue water is delightful. We also visited Vijay Vilas Palace, a summer palace turned heritage hotel, where several movies have been shot. Those interested in architecture should visit Prag Mahal and Aina Mahal in Bhuj to see a blend of Indian and European styles.

Before leaving Mandvi, we relished Osho’s Kutchi thali. Even on a Sunday afternoon, when most shopkeepers in Bhuj had pulled their shutters down, we managed to find an antique shop that stocks everything from embroidered and painted fabrics and coloured stones to tribal accessories and coins. We bought a little of everything.

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White Rann: Jewel of Rann Utsav Draws Huge Crowd, Rann Utsav News

Rann of Kutch: Rann Utsav White salt marsh, mesmerising sunrise and sunset and the colourful hues of Gujarati culture are drawing visitors by yards from India and abroad to experience the Runn Utsav here at the Indo-Pak border.

Kicked off this Tuesday, the two-month long festival presents to the world, Kutch district`s natural and cultural heritage. The festival has already wowed people, young and old, first-timers and frequent visitors, who still flock to the seasonal salty marsh year after year.

During summer monsoon, the White Runn flat desert of salty clay and mudflats, which is average 15 meters above sea level, located close to the Indo-Pak border in Kutch district, fills with standing waters.

It dries up from late December, thus offering a breathtaking view of the “white desert” under the open sky, a major hook for visitors during the festival.

Last time about eight lakh visitors turned up to witness the white Runn, a state tourism official said, adding that the footfall this time will climb up steadily as the festival progresses.
The fair offers an opportunity to people to witness the shining salty desert in its full glory, from sunrise to sunset to moonrise, apart from experiencing the life of camping in well-equipped luxury tents.

Young engineering student Anju Katarmal from Bhuj district who speaks Kutchi language, brought her friends from Surat to the festival and the Runn left them “spellbound”.

“We have come from Surat and we are amazed and completely spellbound. Watching the sunset on the white desert was a very unique experience. We are going to come again next year,” said Jigna, an Engineering student.
But, it is not just locals who are floored after watching the “white wilderness,” foreigners and NRIs too have arrived to witness the saline beauty.

Sarah, a US resident, and her Indian-origin Nepali friend Kushal Harjani hitchhiked their way to the festival, from Bhuj along with a group of local Gujaratis.

“We saw the white desert in the day time. It is absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to see it at night,” Sarah said.

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White Rann: Jewel of Rann Utsav draws huge crowd, Rann Utsav News 2022, 2023

source : zeenews

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