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Rann Utsav – The grand celebration of the music, dance and the amazing manifestation of varied cultural ethos of the region, a glut of varied hue, abundance of design, all together in the arid lands of Kutch to create a variety of elegance representing the identity and spirit of the region. A superfluity of vibrant color culture, Kutch is most ecologically and ethnically assorted district of the state of Gujarat, where every land tells its story. It is celebratory land of art, music, crafts, nature and people.

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Every year, when the winter cold fastens its grip and the solstice night become calm and cloudless with the luster of the full moon, the Rannutsav is organized by Gujarat tourism at the last village of India Dhordo in White Desert of Kutch. This three month long festival comes with hospitality, vigor and traditional flavor of the area that defines the Kutch.

During this festival people gets wonderful opportunity to visit the Kutch and take a glance on the actual beauty of mystical landscape and the indigenous cultural and ethnical flavor of the people. Whereas various folk music and traditional cultural dance, cultural act shows organized in the sparkling moonlit landscape offers the most delightful experience. As a visitor, you can also enjoy colorful fairs held near the beach with the strength of festivity and fervor. And also experience extra activities like desert safaris by jeep and camel rides. All this and much more describe and define Kutch and its native.

Moreover, Kutch offers a lot of tourist destinations that is attracting large number of tourists. Its uniqueness along with the famous crafts and embroidery works attracts tourists across the world.

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