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Rann Utsav – Gujarat safaris are the things of your bucket list dreams. Who in their right mind would get opportunity to observe animals and beautiful birds in their natural habitat, wandering free as they were meant to? Who wouldn’t want to wound up about this chance of a lifetime?

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Gujarat welcome to you! It is one of the most exciting tourist destinations in terms of wild life and bird watching. From the gigantic dry lands of Kutch to the clammy forests of Dangs, Gujarat feels proud of the flora and fauna it ports. When winter settles on the Great Rann of Kutch, its landscape turns pink with the reflection of the drifting Flamingos. And this is only place in India where these feathered beauty lay eggs. For bird-watchers, it is just like a paradise where they get opportunity to get closer to the birds.

But for those who want to watch mammals have to get away to the dry desert for getting a better spectacle of them. It is home of the last of Indian Wild Ass and various animals that make it the best destination for wild life enthusiasts. The camel safari is best way to feel the pulse of this salty desert.

One thing that grows the fame of kutch and boosts the overall gujarat tourism is the grand carnival of colours, music and dance –Rann Utsav. When the full moon shines it’s magic during the winter, the whole Kutch brims with festivities that reflect the self and spirit of this land.

Organised by the gujarat tourism authorities, the runn ustav represents the rich culture of Kutch. It lightens dry barren salt marsh with vibrant colors, varied of music, dance, and frill of traditions. To experience this colorful part of the nation, rich cultures, and the unending celebration of traditions, you must join this rann utsav happening every year from decembers to January. There are various activities also organised for the tourists, including Rann Safari, cultural programmes, folk music and performances, colorful fairs, mixed representation of culture and communities and adventure sports.

This is Joy signing off, The journey of Gujarat is not just a physical tour of the beautiful landscape, but it is a treat with its people. A treat, that gives an opportunity of rejoicement and rejuvenation.

See for yourself why this miraculous land is set to be the next big thing. search all of our cheapest Gujarat tour plans for limited periods and book best one to discover this splendid getaway spot.

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The dates for Rann Utsav have been officially announced; click this link to know more. – https://www.rannutsav.com/blog/official-date-announced-of-rann-utsav-2022-2023/

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