History, Best Places to Visit and Travel Guide of Anjar, Kutch, Gujarat, India

Anjar, a small town and Taluka place of Kutch district located at just 40 km from district headquarter Bhuj and 25 km from Kandla port holds great historical and religious importance in Kutch region, Gujarat. Anjar is claimed to be the oldest city in Kutch. Anjar is very popular for its Jesal Toral Samadhi where every tourist visits here during their Kutch tour and also Anjar is believed to be the oldest city of Kutch. We, at https://www.rannutsav.com, offer special Kutch Tour packages tailored to meet the requirements of every tourist. You can visit our website to book your trip for this Rann Utsav.

During the Rann Utsav festival held during November to February, the longest festival celebration of world is the best time to visit Anjar and Kutch. Millions of tourist across the world reaches at Rann Utsav with high energy and enthusiasm. So lot of tourist visit Anjar as well during this period. The famous Jesai-Toral fair is organized here to celebrate the colorful culture of the Kutch.

The official dates for Rann Utsav have been announced; please check out this link for more information – https://www.rannutsav.com/blog/official-date-announced-of-rann-utsav-2022-2023/