History, Best Places to Visit and Travel Guide of Kutch Museum, Bhuj, Gujarat, India

Kutch Museum, Bhuj is the oldest museum in Gujarat. It is located at Ghanshyam Nagar, opposite Hamirsar Lake at Bhuj, Kutch. Museum was established in 1877 as the School of Arts by Maharao Sir Khengarji III. The present structure of the Kutch Museum was built to exhibit the wedding gifts of Maharao Sir Khengarji III, then it was known as the Fergusson Museum.

This museum has almost 11 sections. The archaeological section has Indus seals. Different kinds of stone tablets are available also. The painting showing the different vocations of Kutch is on the display. There is also an excellent section that covers classical and musical instruments like Nagfani, Morchang, and many others, which are put on the display of the museum. A section of the museum is devoted to tribal cultures, with many examples of ancient artifacts, folk arts and crafts, and information about tribal peoples. The museum also has exhibits of embroidery, paintings, arms, musical instruments, sculpture, and precious metalwork.

If you are someone who finds interest in unveiling the historical stories of culture and heritage of a place, Kutch is a place to visit. This is why you should visit Rann of Kutch during Rann Utsav as it showcases the picture of Gujarat culture very well in form of its handicrafts exhibition and cultural performances.

The official dates for Rann Utsav have been announced; please check out this link for more information – https://www.rannutsav.com/blog/official-date-announced-of-rann-utsav-2022-2023/