How To Reach Rann Utsav From Mumbai?

You are the one who lives in Mumbai– ‘City of Dreams’ and chasing your dreams in full of energy then after some time you need a break to relieve stress and get mental and physical peace. Nothing is better than to plan a short trip on weekends for some amazing places. Today I am here with one such place with its specialties and how to reach there.

Yes, I am talking about the White dessert or salt desert of Kutch.  Each year during winter season the tourism department of Gujarat holds the Rann Utsav, and one can enjoy many activities there but the question is how to reach there and distance between Rann Utsav to Mumbai. So the answer is here.

How To Reach Rann Utsav From Mumbai?

What are modes of transportation to reach Rann Utsav from Mumbai?

To make your journey memorable, we have listed three possible ways to reach Rann Utsav, which are by road, train, or air.

How To Reach Rann Utsav From Mumbai?

  1. By Road:

Via Bus:

There is two travel operator in the Mumbai who provide the facility to reach the Bhuj via bus. There are total three buses allowed for the trip. The total distance from Mumbai to White dessert is 863 km if you pick the bus mode, and it takes 18h 25 min to reach the destination. From Bhuj takes cab or auto and visit your place.

Via Car:

Travel via car is an entirely different experience. The distance between Rann Utsav to Mumbai is 950 km, it 16 hours to reach this destination. But the good part of the car is you can bring all the essential item with you in the car without worrying about luggage like water, food, dry snacks, camera, etc.

In between, there are many places where you can take hold to explore. Throughout the road, you can see the scene and landscape that are different. Somewhere you can find lush green land, and somewhere you can see empty grounds.  But the conditions of roads are well, so you do not have to worry about any damage or else.

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  1. By Train:

The train is one of the best travel modes for natives as well as for foreigners. The experience is different, and you can see the culture of India and find talkative people around you.

There are five direct trains from Mumbai to Bhuj, which are Kutch Express (19131), Bhuj Ac S F Express (22903), Bdts Bhuj Express (19115), Dadar Bhuj Express (12959), and Pune Bhuj Express (11092).

The time taken to travel Mumbai to Bhuj is a minimum 12 h 45 min. And once you reach the Bhuj (known city of Kutch), you can take a taxi or auto to reach the place of Rann Utsav.

  1. By Flight/Air:

Fight mode is the faster mode of transportation, and many people preferred it. There are regular flights from Mumbai to Bhuj. Bhuj is the nearest airport to the Rann of Kutch. From the Bhuj, you can take auto or taxi to reach Rann of Kutch where the grand Rann Utsav is held.

The flight takes about 1h 10 min, and ticket price ranges from ₹1500-3500. The available airlines are IndiGo, GoAir, SpiceJet, Jet Airways, and Air India.

So it is all about how to reach Rann Utsav from Mumbai. We hope you like the info we have shared here. In case of any confusion or question, we have a comments section for you! Thank you!

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