Mandvi Beach Festival – Mandavi Tent City Inauguration at Kutch

Tent City was inaugurated at Mandvi in ​​Kutch district. Now the Mandavi Beach Festival will be held in Mandvi along with Tent City in addition to the annual reunion ceremony. Just as the white desert of Kutch is a white dessert attraction for world tourism lovers, this White Sand Bay beach is also intended
to be a World Tourism Attraction.

The new concept of Rann Utsav and this Mandavi Tent City – Bay Beach Festival will make the whole of Kutch life & vibrant – vibrant. Tourists visiting the white desert can also enjoy the beaches of Kutch from now on. Tent City has also been constructed with 55 tents to allow tourists to stay the night.

The dates for Rann Utsav have been officially announced; click this link to know more. –