Official Date Announced of Rann Utsav 2023-2024

Experience the Kutch at its most colorful and exotic during the Rann Utsav, which takes place every November in Kutch, Gujarat, India. This annually organized rann utsav festival allows visitors to participate in Folk Dance, desert festival Kutch, desert festival Gujarat, Rann festival India, Camel Safari, Live-in-Tents, Musical Moments, Visit the Centuries, and many other activities during rann utsav 2023-24. Explore luxurious tents and feel at ease while booking Rann Utsav tents in Kutch, Gujarat. 

To observe artisans at work, to shop directly from NGO craftspeople and village co-operatives, to witness major historical events in the state, and to visit places off the beaten path.

For those interested in natural beauty and history, Kutch is home to endangered and fascinating wildlife species such as the Indian wild ass. You can learn how to book Rann Utsav in India and find the best deal for the Rann Utsav festival in Kutch, Gujarat.

We provide the best services and rates in the industry for the Kutch Rann Utsav. Get hotel and tent reservations for Rann utsav kutch 2023-24. Every visitor desires the Kutch Utsav Full Moon Package because of the beauty of the full moon under white rann. Rann festival is held every year in the winter months of November to March.

The official dates for Rann Utsav have been announced: October 26th, 2023 to February 20th, 2024.