Rann Utsav 2021, Kutch Rann Utsav 2022

Rann Utsav 2021, Rann Utsav 2021

Likewise know as the ‘TentCity’, this three-month-long celebration is sorted out at the diverse regions inside of the area. It acquaints guests with the native social and ethnic kind of Kutch.


The bone-dry prairies of the Banni – a standout amongst the most mind blowing showcases of building design – is utilized as a stage for the shifted scope of expressions and artworks of Kutch.

The festival in itself is an one of a kind open door for everybody from around the world to visit Kutch and experience the soul and soul of this area. For those of you who have distinct fascination in characteristic history, this locale is the home of the jeopardized untamed life species like the Indian Wild Ass.

The Rann jubilee is an event to onlooker the inventive creativity of artisans and skilled workers, fluctuated scope of people music and social exhibitions, various portrayal of society and groups.

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