Things To Do in Rann Utsav 2023 – Rann Utsav Activities

Rann Utsav is also known as the biggest salt desert in the world, you can’t take your eyes from the natural beauty.

Things To Do in Rann Utsav 2023:

There are many things which you can enjoy during these festivals but some are here which will just take your mind away.

Stay in a tent city

Tent City
Basically this tent used to be situated in the middle of the rain or at Rann’s Dhordo village which is located 80km away from Bhuj. The tents used to be very high with all the modern amenities and some traditional touch from outside.

Visit Craft Bazaar

Craft Bazar
Apart from the enjoyment, the Rann Utsav festival is also famous for the craft bazaar. The beautiful arts, crafts, and many handmade things used to sell by local people out there. This craft bazaar has many authentic crafts from Kutch. This bazaar also shows the love and affection towards Gujarat diversity and its people. The crafts item will be impressive, unique, and beautiful and you will remember this place forever.

Rides and Fun Activities

Fun Masti
There are many activities which are held in Rann Utsav during this festival for those who want more enjoyment. You can also enjoy paramotoring, Zipline, and many other activities.

Kutchi Cuisine

Gujarat is famous for the mouth-watering food but you have to taste the most delicious food ever at Rann Utsav food canteen. All food is made with desi Ghee and specialty for those days will be Bajra ki roti and many other milk products items. You will get delicious items on a daily bases with those tastes only which you crave to have again and taste will remain so long.

Visit Neighboring Villages

There are many villages near Bhuj which every traveler has to visit after coming to Rann Utsav. From that place you will know the simplicity of that place and about that person, traditions of that village and you’ll also find many craftsmen and artisans over there which will make a great design.

Rann on Purnima

Anyone can’t even express the beauty of Rann and especially on full moon day or it’s also called Rann on Purnima. The scenery will be different all around as white sands which are reflected with the great moonlight all over. Those who visit this place also say it’s all been once in lifetime experiences.

Camel Safari

Camel RIde
Camel safari is one of the most famous activities which is done by many travelers. Riding the camel which is decorated with colorful clothes and authentic jewelry would be an amazing experience. They can also watch the beautiful sunset while doing this activity.

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