White Desert Festival – Rann Utsav

Welcome to everybody. I greet you everyone, and the Kutch city of Bhuj greets us with its Rann Utsav as we return. Yes, you heard correctly. I urge you to buckle up for this great thriller as we set off to explore the fabled Rann Utsav. This location, known as the Tent City in Dhordo, is around 85 kilometers from Bhuj. to acknowledge that it really lives up to its moniker. Being at the Rann of Kutch is an absolute must.

It is magnificent and very mesmerizing. The area glistens and sparkles like silver. Nobody would have been able to resist its seduction and the charm of the white desert. The white desert festival offers visitors a lot of attractions. People frequently overlook Rann Utsav’s brand of entertainment. My friends, I assure you that it is an incredible feeling to be a part of such a unique and beautiful festival.

The tent house and the area around it are the main draws. It is comparable to living outdoors in tents constructed of cloth rather than cement, covered by the open sky. My excursion started by going to the adjacent locations inside the tent city. Consider how large it might need to be to hold everything. It is pure enchantment weaved into the form of a lovely city that includes areas for lodging and a market nearby where you may buy the famous items from this white desert festival to bring back with you. 

The draw is the stunning original artwork that is still being produced in that region of India, and trust me when I say that these are so wonderful that I wish I had taken more of them. Due to the fact that puppet shows have been a popular tourist attraction for a very long time and still manage to enchant and enthrall visitors, there are enormous puppets used to illustrate the local tradition.

Then a row of stores offering handcrafted things with amazing paintings and designs enters. The shops offered a wide variety of goods, including clothing, mud tools, handcrafted shoes, and real jewelry. The extremely well-known item is known as “Bandhani,” created by the locals using a die and die, and those lovely neckpieces captured my heart since sometimes simple and sweet works better than the shining metal worn every day. They typically come in many sections, such as the one worn on the belly, the one worn on the neck, the one worn on the forehead, and the lovely hanging earrings.

The market satisfied our wants and pizza cravings because Domino’s cooks fresh pizza right before your eyes, further tempting us. Next, the management made sure that we had playgrounds that offered a variety of sports, both indoor and outdoor so that we didn’t miss out on any opportunities or room for improvement. 

The management then hosted a concert for us, and Mooralala and his band dominated the stage. It was an incredible event. The event’s organizer, Kapil Verma, then spoke with us and provided us with information about the whole Tent city. He informed us that there are more than 350 tents for travelers to stay in and that the Tent city is spread around 1 lakh square km.

A market selling handcrafted items surrounds the tent city. They are inundated with Rogan art, clothing patchwork, and artisanal goods made with labor-intensive labor.

The tents, which come in 13 clusters and range in quality from premium to Delux A/C, steal the show due to their placement. It is set up like a neckpiece, and the incredible lighting creates an incredible overall effect.

You may obtain excellent and delectable dishes in the dining hall. The fantastic luxury tents were next in line, and they were amazing. It included a TV, an air conditioner, a dressing mirror, a comfortable bed with pleasant lighting, and other magnificent furnishings. It was a home that was well worth living in. The white desert festival is a must-try location given these surroundings.

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