A Sanctuary In The Wilderness At RannUtsav

The Wild Ass Sanctuary of little rann of kutch is the only place on the earth where the endangered indian wild ass still exists.little rann of kutch is a fantastic destination for the wildlife lovers – Rann Utsav.


The great rann of kutch along with the littlle rann of kutch is famous as the world’s last refuge of the Indian wild ass (khur) for the conservation of which it has been declared as the indian wild ass sanctuary

The inner run of the water from sea in little rann of kutch make the sanctuary a marshy ground and allow a large diversity of the wild animals to reside at this place. Irregular grassland also called as baits make the major vegetation in the rann of kutch.

A fiat, salt-cracked vast barren desert, hissing sand storms and the majestic ghudkhar roaming over mirage waters make the little rann of kutch a unique and one of the most fascinating wilderness of the world.

The stunningly open, salt-encrusted plains of the rann of kutch covers tens of thousands of sq.km’s of north Gujarat, bordering the arabian Sea to its west, rajasthan & Pakistan to its north and the indian mainland to the south and east – a unique haven for desert adapted wildlife.

The wild ass wildlife sanctuary covers almost 5000 square kilometres, making it the largest wildlife sanctuary in India it is the home of the indian wild ass, which is an endangered sub-species of the asiatic wild ass. The scientific name for this particular sub-species is equus hemi onus khur, which is why it is sometimes known simply as Khur.

The focus of the wild ass wildlife sanctuary is to protect and preserve these creatures, and to educate the public However, the wild Ass is not the only resident of the sanctuary. In fact, it boasts many animals including snakes, crocodiles, spiders, crustaceans, insects and lizards, as well as Blue Bulls, Chinkaras, Desert

The wild ass wildlife sanctuary in gujarat offers visitors safaris to ensure that they witness as many animals enjoying their natural habitat as possible. These safari tours are conducted in open-air jeeps during the early morning and late afternoon or evening, as these are the hours in which most of the fauna is making its way into the coolness of the day, rather than in the hot daytime. These trips are always conducted by a qualified guide, who will inform travellers and answer their questions.

The gulf of kutch lies on the migration route of many bird species thus making it a nesting site for approx. 75,000 birds every year. Situated to north west of ahmadabad. More than 100 species of birds are found here and many migratory birds nest and breed at this sanctuary. LRK & Thol key species consist of mcQueen’s bustard, common crane,egyptian vulture, indian spotted eagle, a variety of harriers, greater flamingo, dalmatian pelican and greater hoopoe Lark

The famous bird species found inhabiting Indian little Rann of Kutch wildlife sanctuary are laggar falcon, spotted & Indian sand grouse, flamingos, francolin partridge, desert larks, houbara bustard, bustard quails, desert wheatear, short toed eagle, steppe eagle, imperial eagle, storks, ducks, cranes and pelicans.

It will be a memorable experience was to go wading knee-deep into the warm waters of a salt marsh with thousands of flamingos around.

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