7 Facts to make you an Extreme Traveler of Kutch

Kutch’s an exquisite place to be, and when you want to combine everything you can experience while on tour, you should be booking your tickets now for the Kutch Tour. Here are some of the blowing facts that you can experience in Kutch. Take a look at it.

1. If you are on your way to Kutch’s extreme Salt Desert, you will arrive at the world’s greatest Salt Desert here. The Marshy Salt Land of Kutch, spread over 30,000 Km2, transforms into mesmerizing beauty with the vast sea line.

2. Kutch is where you can see the remains of the Dholavira, the best-known civilization of the past, the Indus Valley Civilization. Learn about the Well-Known Revealing of Ancient Kutch.

3. Every year, from October to February, the Rann of Kutch is enthralled by the famous Rann Utsav. Gujarat Tourism’s renowned celebration contrasts as one of the most important events in Kutch.

4. Due to Kutch’s longest sea line, Bhuj became the centre of trade and commerce, giving rise to capital in the region. It is the home of the Famous Kutch Rulers; more can be found in the Bhuj Provinces – Mahals, Lakes, and Museums. Here’s a Bhuj Travel Guide.

5. Vijay Vilas Palace, a beautiful beach mansion, is located on the famous Mandvi. The summer resort for the King there, as well as the white ornamental beach, are must-sees if you want to feel the breeze of the Vijay Vilas Palace.

6. Feel the divinity of Kutch at the Koteshwar Mahadev and the way old and pious Narayan Sarovar. It’s not just the Gods who also feel nature’s play.

7. Feel Kutch’s divinity at Koteshwar Mahadev and the ancient and pious Narayan Sarovar. Nature’s game affects more than just the Gods.

Your trip would be more than just a visit, with a million inspirations and breathtaking insights that will encourage you to learn more about our country’s history. Become a Kutch Extreme Traveler.

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